The Movement to Delist Privacy

Created: 2024-02-09 Fri 13:24

Price chart crash

Binance announced to delist privacy coins

  • Concerns about compliance
  • Monero price crashes ~40%
  • Monero community celebrates?

Is price important?

  • Monero Community frowns upon discussing price
  • Prices are a market signal
  • A low price is nothing to be celebrated

Is the delisting the end for Monero?

  • Less centralized on-ramps to aquire XMR
  • Monero is not outlawed, but ostrazied out
  • De-listing Monero will push the markets underground

Why does the Monero community celebrate?

  • Binance is now forced to prove they are fully backed
  • No CEX => no KYC-data => higher privacy for the network
  • Monero is being tested by the adversary
  • A change in environment leads to a jump in evolution

How to buy Monero now?

The unstoppable Agora on-ramp

The ultimate onramp into the monero community is your labor. Exchange your work for XMR. Grassroots. Decentralized. Peer to peer.

The Agora is the endboss for the State.

This is the epic battle we find ourselves in.

Will the number go up?

  • A constriction of the supply may lead into a price increase
    • Heroin is more expensive on the black market
  • There may be more scams
    • No legal system to enforce rights

Resist the authoritarian narrative

  • Surveillance is justified by money laundering, terrorism, etc.
    • These things are also financed with Fiat
  • Your information is yours to share/keep private by natural right
  • Monero is just a tool, like trucks, knives, etc.

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