Lunarpunk and the dark side of the cycle

Created: 2024-01-26 Fri 11:58

πŸ“½ Lunarpunk and the dark side of the cycle


  • Evolved from Cyberpunk
  • Characteristics:
    • Optimizm (“the system won’t turn against me”)
    • Transparency
    • Future-oriented

Public access to a decentralized and transparent financial system will lead to fairer and more just world.


Lunarpunks prepare for war and build privacy-enhanced tooling to protect their communities.

  • Breaks away from the Solarpunk ideals & asserts its own
  • Powerstruggle with existing powerstructures and crypto
  • Nation-states banning crypto
  • Snowcrash - Neil Septh

Fragility & Anti-Fragility

Diptych: a work made up of two matching parts

  • User-Empowerment & System Antifragility
  • “The more empowered the user-base, the more anti-fragile the system becomes”

A prophecy


  • Sun: Bright, Desert, Nature & Tyranny
    • desert landscapes
    • users are exposed
  • Lunarpunk: Dark, Forest, Diversity & teeming with life
    • dark forest
    • users are protected behind a layer of cryptography