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Created: 2024-01-19 Fri 10:09

Who am I?

  • AlexAnarcho
  • Podcaster, Philosopher, Programmer
  • Motivated by individual sovereinty

Why switch to English?

  • Reach a broader audience
  • More consistency in episodes

What is coming?

  • Dive into the Cypherpunk Ethos
  • Explore Cypherpunk technology and other open source projects
    • Monero
    • Linux
    • Coding

How the podcast unlocking works

  • New episodes get locked behind a funding goal in Monero
  • Once the community has funded the episodes it is realeased on the RSS feed

Documentary: Cypherpunks write code

πŸ“½ ReasonTV: Cypherpunks write code

Book Recommendations