The Behavior panel

Posted on Jan 4, 2021

I have these phases, where I just completely emerse myself with a niche topic and consume everything I can on it. In this post I want to write about body language and a truly awesome YouTube channel I recently discovered: The Behavior Panel

Experts taking apart videos

The basic format of this channel is straight forward: Four experts in body language watch a wide variety of videos and give their input as to whether they believe the people are being truthful or not.

I am not going to go into body language, what to look for and what not. But, what I will tell you is to check out their channel, because it is so damn entertaining.

Some videos that have stuck in my mind is the bizzare interview with Prince Andrew, the interview with Joe Biden about Tara Reade and the analysis of YouTube apologizing to the world.

Since the videos are rather relevant in contemporary live, it is very neat to have true experts weigh in on the videos. Just today they had a video on Amber Heard talking about her supposed assaults on Johnny Depp.

Don’t be an indifferent

One of my favorite people on the calls is Mark Bowden. I watched his TED talk and I suggest you do too. He has a masterful delivery and is just entertaining to watch.

My main takeaway was this. There are basically 4 categories we put other people into, within seconds of first meeting them.

  1. Friend
  2. Enemy
  3. Sexual Partner
  4. Indifferent

Since there are so many people in the world, the default category is ‘indifferent’. He gives some lessons to display the right body language to not end up in that category, but rather in the friend category. I think this basic lesson can be very helpful for general life.

So, even if you do not find this channel and topic as interesting as I do, there can be a huge benefit from just knowing the bare principles.